I’ve decided I’m going to stop tagging things here.

This blog barely has any visits compared to the number of followers it has, whereas the bitly link I use to redirect to the spreadsheet keeps being used every month.

The spreadsheet is way more practical and easier to navigate. Tumblr is less than ideal no matter how I tag things, and hardly anyone actually comes to the blog to browse the tags, so I see no point in continuing that.

I will use some tags like ‘ftm’, ‘mtf’, ‘hrt’ and so on because I want the posts to appear in the Tumblr tags, but not with the purpose of organizing posts within the blog.

Also, if there’s any improvements I could make to the way I organize things in the spreadsheet, please tell me.

Anonymous asked:

Would a biopsychologist be qualified to do research on the transgender brain?

Probably. It’s the first time I hear that term so I don’t know a lot about biopsychologists. In principle I don’t see why not.

I think most of the reasearch has been done by neuroscientists, but I don’t see why a biopsychologist wouldn’t be qualified to research transsexualism and gender identity. After all, they study how biology affects behavior, so it could be applied to studying how brain structure or its biochemistry lead to feeling gender/sex dysphoria.